Meet the CREATOR (ME)

So I'll be honest with you, I initially created Pander Shirts as a joke. I was seeing a lot of corporate pride merch I thought was hilariously out of touch and didn't represent the community at all. One night I decided to make a parody called, you guessed it, "Pander Shirts". I quickly made some of the dumbest queer shirt designs I could think of and put them online. They sold.

Since that night in 2018 I've expanded to be a whole real-ass business, and I try much harder on my designs now! The name is still Pander Shirts because I think it's funny.

This store is run completely and solely by me! A queer owned business, you might say (It's me, I'm the queer). I create every design myself, come up with the ideas, take the product photos, do the marketing, the socials, the website, etc. So if you want to support me instead of Nike or Citibank or whatever, I'm totally down for that!

Through Pander Shirts I've been able to steadily donate to organizations fighting racial injustice ($1 from every order), as well as donate the entirety of the profit from my transgender designs to various gofundme's helping people with the costs of their transition.

- Andrew, Girlboss of Pander Shirts


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