The creator of Pander Shirts, Andrew Power. Holding his cute cockapoo puppy, Hazel.
Hi, my name is Andrew and this is my side hustle; Pander. I'm a gay with a background in graphic design and a healthy interest in corporate greed.

I initially created Pander as a joke. I was seeing a lot of corporate pride merch that I felt was out of touch and didn't represent the community, so one night I decided to make fun of it and came up with the name "Pander Shirts". I whipped up the dumbest designs I could think of and put them online, and people starting buying them.

Since that night in 2018. Pander has grown into a ~*real*~ business. It's still called Pander because I don't think I can change it now and I think it's funny.

This store is run completely and solely by me! A queeeeeer owned business, you could call it! I'm the designer, the product photographer (and sometimes model 💅 ), the social media marketer, the customer service lady, and the web developer. So if you want to support me during pride instead of Nike or Citibank I would really appreciate it!

- Andrew, Girlboss of Pander